Thursday, February 19, 2009

choc muffin

salam ;)

mak: timaaaaaaaa...................pergi la buat kuih ke, kek ke, ape ke.....dah lame kau tak buat kek.
jangan jadi perempuan pemalas
aku: ehehe......(adoiii......kan dah dapat title 'perempuan pemalas'....)
mak: nah. ikut recipe ni. tutup mate pun boleh buat

normally i dont bake during the night. i do it during the day. but here i am, 9.15pm in the kitchen, with earphones in my ears and my mp3 player clinging, trying to work out on some choc muffins. to be frank, i dont fancy baking that much, but its something i have to be good at since i'm the daughter of PN SITI HAMIZAN. i'm posting this recipe because it is a foolproof recipe (tutup mate pun boleh buat) and maybe i can encourage those first-timers to bake again;)

100g castor sugar

100g brown sugar

150ml fresh milk

150ml melted butter + cooking oil
250g self raising flour

2 medium sized eggs

chocolate powder

chocolate chips

  1. ok, its very easy. you dont need to sift the flour or whatsoever. beat the sugar and the butter.
  2. add in everything else and mix em. yeah! go on! mix em! mix!! hehehe....
  3. but wait. make sure that the batter is smooth, i mean, not thick. continue adding milk and cooking oil until its smooth.
  4. put one spoonfull of the batter in the mufiin cups. sprinkle some chocolate chips and bake them at 130 degree for 30 minutes.

this is how they should look like, a little bit cracked

bear in mind, baking muffin is not as cerewet as baking cakes. its simple. so good luck!

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