Monday, May 25, 2009

3 days wonder

May 23 2009, Friday
interview session with the representative from Charles University Hradec Kralove

the interview was in PJ. we took LRT

prof alex rishna (thats how he pronunced his name) and me

prof alex: why do you want to further in O&G?? (for those whose doesnt have any idea what O&G is, please make an effort to google yourself)
me: honestly, because i cannot stand watching women being examined by men....

prof alex (he was sso0o0ooo friendly)

May 24 2009, Saturday
Jaggelonian University entrance test

miss manda (thats how she pronunced her name too)

miss manda: cross your anser wit a baoll pen, blak or Bbluu
(actually she was trying to say, "cross your answer with a ball pen, black or blue)

seriously, that was the first time i heard polish accent

miss manda and her friends from Jaggelonian University

kak annie and me

kak annie: last year, out of 20 students sat for this test, none of us pass
me: ............(speechless)

May 25 2009, Sunday

Charles University Entrance Test in UM

UM really is pretty

the question paper
question paper: sorry for being difficult. its not my fault anyway

both of the test were not easy. they're difficult im telling you. tapi sy tetap berpegang pada janji Allah, man jadda wa jada, man zaro'a hasoda

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

4 days to go

its getting nearer.....hua3~

makin teruk sy digossip. salah sy. tak pandai jaga diri.

Ya Allah, wahai tuhan yg membolak-balikkan hati, tetapkanlah hatiku dalam agamaMu dan dalam keta'atan kepadaMu....

Thursday, May 14, 2009

pray for me

so last week i was admitted to the hospital. dengue. hoh0ho..... i wasted 4 days there.
the entrance exams are just about 1 week from now. poland entrance test on 23rd, czech's on the next day. i know, im being greedy for submitting my name for both exams. i dont know why i started to feel extremely nervous. yeah i kinda freaked out which i shouldnt be.

last year, out of 20++ students who sat for this exams, only 5 passed (if im not mistaken). got the picture?

doesnt matter whether i pass or not, i have nothing to lose. if i pass, i get to learn medicine in europe (which sounds exciting). if i dont pass, i still get to study in med school in india (which is a better place to study medicine). so please someone, tell me to be calm.

naah....whatever it is, im going to give my best shot. please pray for me....!

poor fastrack students had to leave last Monday. so suddenly MARA's policy changed. atie, i guess thats the end of our story together. you popped in my life, and made the drama of my life a little more 'dramatic'. there are some stuffs i had to hide from you. sorry eh. hehe...(i really hope you wont read this). good luck in Egypt.

the shorter one is me. of course.....

got to go. entrance exam. InsyaAllah...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

giliran saya

dua hari lepas, pathogen telah berjaya menembusi pertahanan pertama sy lalu masuk ke dalam sistem sy. sistem sy bertindak dengan menaikkan suhu badan sy untuk membunuh pathogen-pathogen tersebut. dalam keadaan suhu yang agak tinggi dari biasa, sistem sy tak dapat berfungsi dengan optimum. sy berasa sangat tidak selesa.

dalam kata mudah>>>sy demam. (harap-harap bukan denggi.....)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

i listen to..

i've been busy. busy.busy.busy. muet speaking test on 5th may. a chemistry thesis to submit on 9th may. a scary entrance exam on 23rd may that requires me to re-open my SPM reference books. and many more. plus the dissapearence of my beloved laptop just make things even more difficult. though being busy is a lame excuse to not to update my blog. -_-'

ok. i listen to music. in fact, i love music. tapi kebelakangan ni lagu-lagu nasyeed dah makin mengarut. lebih banyak ber-genre cinta, wanita, persahabatan blah blah blah.....(no, i didnt say persahabatan is not important). tak banyak nasyeed sekarang yang mampu membangkitkan semangat atau membuatkan kita berfikir tentang ummah. jadi sy suka cari lagu bukan melayu yang berunsurkan Islam. sy perkenalkan.........OUTLANDISH!! best! tak percaya, cuba tengok video ini.

mungkin ramai yang tak kenal outlandish. outlandish ini berasal dari denmark. 3 orang ahli (2 Islam, 1 Christian). nak tahu lagi, rajin-rajinlah google sendiri. sy suka lagu-lagu mereka. banyak menyentuh tentang hakikat kelemahan umat Islam sekarang dan mengajak kita bangkit kembalikan kegemilangan. sy rekemen lagu sakeena, una palabra, look into my eyes, kom igen, just me, i've seen, introspective, i only ask for god, Fatima's hand, eyes never dry, callin U, beyond words, appreciatin, any given time.

tapi ada sesetengah video clip mereka yang tak menggambarkan mesej sebenar yang cuba disampaikan. jadi sy cadangkan dengar lagu dulu sampai faham, baru tengok video clip. video di atas ini tak mengapa. terkecuali (my favourite). hehe...

semoga mereka dapat hasilkan lagu-lagu yang baik lagi. ok. sy busy. nak sambung kerja ;)