Friday, February 13, 2009


guess what, i thought today is thursday. i really thought it was. i was picturing myself watching csi at 2 pm, then make myself a creamy banana milkshake. i snapped out of it when people started to gather at the masjid opposite my house. hooo....~ how sad. i missed csi yasterday!
hehe. nothing big.

lately my cat is acting weird. very weird. he's already weird. but he's becoming weirder. he likes to catch flies, or may i say, tries to catch one. he never manage to get one... he chase after cloth pegs which has been immobilize until he paws it. kittens do those things, not a grown up cat. i think its weird...

he sleeps a lot these days. i wonder, doesnt he get tired of eating and sleeping and chasing cloth pegs everyday? thats one of the question in my long list of questions i really love to ask him if and only if he could speak human language one day.

nothing to say actually :D

lazy cat....

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