Monday, March 2, 2009

here we go again

the annoucement of 2nd sem result marked the beginning of the 3rd sem. the final sem for this foundation program. now, am i suppose to be happy or what?

its like, im supposed to be happy because im gonna fly when the 3rd sem ends.
and im supposed to be scared as well because the subjects sound scary. basic genetics and chemistry II to be precise. computer science, islamic study dont sound that scary. no. i shouldnt be saying this. its like a taboo. if you say its gonna be a piece of cake, then it will turn out to be the other way. if you say its gonna be difficult, so it will. cheesy

big problem here is the gap between me and HIM become more distinct. seriously, i feel unsecured now. nabi ajar Saidina Umar satu doa;

Ya Allah, bantulah aku dalam mengingatiMu, bersyukur atas nikmatMu dan beribadat yang sebaik mungkin hanya untuk Mu (if you want the arabic version, gotta ask me personally)

sometimes people ask me what motivates me to stireve this hard.
if i make my parents or family as my inspiration, i surely will be lost if they are gone.
if my bf(no, i dont have one) or my best friend or my firends are the ones that motivates me, i think i might hate studying if one day i have a row with them.

always make Allah your number one. He will never perish. He controls everything.
the ummah need us. muslim scientist, muslim engineer, muslim accountant, muslim buisnessman etc etc. rise for ISLAM


  1. salam ziarah..

    dis entry inspiring me..
    lets improve in bcoming syabab musleem-