Saturday, April 3, 2010


“Seorang mukmin yang bergaul dengan orang ramai serta bersabar dengan kesakitan akibat pergaulan dengan mereka itu, adalah lebih baik dari seorang mukmin yang tidak bergaul dengan orang ramai serta tidak bersabar atas kesakitan akibat pergaulan itu” (HR Ibn Majah)

Saya tertarik dengan Hadith ini. Dipetik dari artikel ini. Setiap kesabaran itu dinilai oleh Allah.


Trust is something which is so hard to gain, yet so easy to lose. I guess I'm being stupid here because I trusted people so easily. Now I'm taking it back, as easily as I gave it.
I'm not going to show the public how I feel. I can fake a smile, no problem. I can pretend everything is all right. Unfortunately I can't hide it from myself. I pray to Allah, to make it easy for me to face it, especially for the coming 5 days.

Ukhwah is more important to me than my feelings. I'm not going to let the devil be happy for he has not yet succeed in breaking the ukhwah. I'm just taking back my trust, that's it. But I will not leave the group. I believe everything is going to be ok. People can waste my effort, but Allah will never waste my patience in facing this. Allah will reward it.

Thanks for those who are being concern. I appreciated it a lot.
After all, sabar is the best medicine.

Ya Allah, kuatkan aku!

p/s: The original post is really controversial. So I edited it. Huhuhuhuahahaha:)


  1. hoping for the best for you my dear. terbayang-bayang the so-called controversial entry tuh. hehe.

  2. huhhhuuu~~
    thanks syg. Tiada yang mudah melainkan Allah mudahkan....! =)