Sunday, February 28, 2010

Missing you...

If the Prophet(saw) among us, how will we be?
What will he says if he comes and see our bad condition?
If he comes and sit alone with you, what will you say to him?

Ya Rasul.... we miss you a lot... :(

1 comment:

  1. timah.,.
    mse hari maulidur rasul arituh ade la cnior ni wat tayangan rncgn nih.,.,

    pstu, sorg lecturer arab bgun,ksi komen,die ckp:
    "even Nabi Muhammad SAW is not with us.,.we must be strong,.,this woman is not strong as a muslim.,.why does she want the prophet to take her out of this world as the prophet leave us here to continue his dakwah.,.
    if she is strong enough as a muslim, she would have seek for syafaah from the prophet".,.,

    lbey krg la ayat die.,.huu