Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The enemy within

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Yeah. I'll be out of job...

It's not that we don't have the time to read for today's immunology seminar, it's just hard to start studying again after a week of stressful exams. Cheap excuse. Haha

So, what to do if you are not prepared?

1. Sit at the front row.
2. Do not sleep (Or look sleepy)
3. Try to look desperately interested to the subject by
3.1 asking a lot of questions
3.2 nodding to the lecturer's statements as if you know what they are talking about
3.3 do I need to mention everything here? It's basic in-the-class survival skills!

So far, these tricks worked ;P

The lecturers are hoping you to respond and participate in the class. So, RESPOND and PARTICIPATE. You know how it feels when people don't respond to your enthusiasm don't you. Haha...

Immunology is interesting. Really. But when it comes to the numbers and weird chemicals....zzZzzZ.....

According to our lecturer, there are a lot of health facts out there that are not true. For example, eating foods such as fruits, vegetable, yoghurt will not help you to boost your immune system. Same goes for those herbs and pills. In fact, we MUST NOT boost our immunity.

Some 5 years ago, a pharmaceutical company tried to create something that can boost human's immunity. The outcome was, the subject suffered multiple organs failure within hours due to a shock quite similar to septic shock. Therefore they concluded that our immune system is best to be left as it is. No boosting required, unless you are in state of immunodeficiency.

Yes it's true that people eating fruits and veggies are proven to be more healthy. But it's not something inside the fruits and veggies that make them so. Come to think of it; logically that kind of people (fruits-and-veggies-eating people) are the type that have healthy life style. They make sure they have adequate sleep, work out regularly, stay out of stress, avoid ciggarette smoking, avoid high carbs diet etc. That's why they don't contract disease easily!

Lack of sleep can kill you. Insufficient nutrients can kill you. Stress makes you prone to disease. Low calori diet extends life. These are real facts!

Now, remember 114:5?

The immunologist said we should focus more to what's inside us rather than what's outside our body.
He said fever is not about the bacteria. It's about the cytokines, interluekines, in our body.
Cough is not about germ. It's about the bradykinin, in our system.

Everything is inside us. Everything starts with ourselves.


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