Thursday, May 14, 2009

pray for me

so last week i was admitted to the hospital. dengue. hoh0ho..... i wasted 4 days there.
the entrance exams are just about 1 week from now. poland entrance test on 23rd, czech's on the next day. i know, im being greedy for submitting my name for both exams. i dont know why i started to feel extremely nervous. yeah i kinda freaked out which i shouldnt be.

last year, out of 20++ students who sat for this exams, only 5 passed (if im not mistaken). got the picture?

doesnt matter whether i pass or not, i have nothing to lose. if i pass, i get to learn medicine in europe (which sounds exciting). if i dont pass, i still get to study in med school in india (which is a better place to study medicine). so please someone, tell me to be calm.

naah....whatever it is, im going to give my best shot. please pray for me....!

poor fastrack students had to leave last Monday. so suddenly MARA's policy changed. atie, i guess thats the end of our story together. you popped in my life, and made the drama of my life a little more 'dramatic'. there are some stuffs i had to hide from you. sorry eh. hehe...(i really hope you wont read this). good luck in Egypt.

the shorter one is me. of course.....

got to go. entrance exam. InsyaAllah...


  1. tengok dulu dapat ke tak....
    yang penting ko pun kene doakan...