Monday, May 25, 2009

3 days wonder

May 23 2009, Friday
interview session with the representative from Charles University Hradec Kralove

the interview was in PJ. we took LRT

prof alex rishna (thats how he pronunced his name) and me

prof alex: why do you want to further in O&G?? (for those whose doesnt have any idea what O&G is, please make an effort to google yourself)
me: honestly, because i cannot stand watching women being examined by men....

prof alex (he was sso0o0ooo friendly)

May 24 2009, Saturday
Jaggelonian University entrance test

miss manda (thats how she pronunced her name too)

miss manda: cross your anser wit a baoll pen, blak or Bbluu
(actually she was trying to say, "cross your answer with a ball pen, black or blue)

seriously, that was the first time i heard polish accent

miss manda and her friends from Jaggelonian University

kak annie and me

kak annie: last year, out of 20 students sat for this test, none of us pass
me: ............(speechless)

May 25 2009, Sunday

Charles University Entrance Test in UM

UM really is pretty

the question paper
question paper: sorry for being difficult. its not my fault anyway

both of the test were not easy. they're difficult im telling you. tapi sy tetap berpegang pada janji Allah, man jadda wa jada, man zaro'a hasoda

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