Tuesday, January 18, 2011

When 8 degree is a little too warm

I think there is a major climate change going on. Last year in January, the temperature was negative something and not a single blade of grass can be seen except snow. Pretty soon we will have snow in Shah Alam. This is serious guys. Global warming! Flooding here, landslide there. yadda yadda. Please refer to 30:41. Thank you


Ever since we found out about the free ice rink, we go there regularly. Just a small ice rink. We go there after every exam (it's like a post-exam ritual. hehe). To skate of course (when I say I can skate, doesn't mean that i can do those criss-cross or backward wriggle eh. I just can skate)

We went again this morning. I expected it to be an empty ice rink on 11am. Who want to go ice skating at 11am anyways??

Kids go to schools.
Mom and dad go to work.
Even the old folks (which are majority in Warsaw. And yes, some of them skates) busy doing groceries.

So, the ice rink was SUPPOSED to be empty.

We were dancing on the ice peacefully when suddenly a group of children, 8-10 years old I suppose (but of my height...-_-') , came. After 10 minutes or so, another group came.

The ice rink that was empty initially, filled with children. I didn't know elementary school or junior high in Poland organized field trip to ice rink!

And gosh, most of the kids can really skate.

But some of them can't. What amazed me is, they don't afraid to fall. Falling on the ice is VERY PAINFUL I can tell you. I fell a lot when i first tried my feet on the ice. Even when they can't skate, they didn't cling on the wall (in Subang most of people can't skate. And there's a lot of 'ahlul jidar' [ahli dinding])

These kids boldly 'walked' to the middle of the ice rink and tried seriously to skate. They fell many times. Then they smiled and continue, without the help of the wall.

Yes. You just don't have to be afraid.......

This is the Sunway ice rink. Look how crowded it is. Huu~


  1. go tima go~
    tetiba jer kan.. :)
    fatimah hasmad,bila mahu ke aussie? ;p

  2. owh bella! i was thinking of going to oz this year. kalau x fail any paper, and have enough money, i can go la. pray for me xD

    and i'm waiting for u to get here!

  3. wow..seriesly :D
    bestnyer..my dream also nak ke europe sgt2 tau..tp pikir klo kumpul duit ke europe baik pegi umrah ke..huhuh..duit eropah tinggi bolehla..uhuk~